About Piknik

Piknik is the ultimate platform to create children’s events in just a few clicks: it's a marketplace where you can turn to for anything.

Our Story

As a working father of three little girls with lots of friends, Kostia has to throw birthday parties or take them out to quite a few events. And after a short while you seem to have run out of the ideas for what to do on a kid's birthday so that it is memorable, enjoyable, and offbeat. So after he's exchanged your usual small talk with the other attending parents, the acute question that everyone pops up is: what else is there? That's when you've googled all and every blog or site in the area that searching for the inspiration, that the idea of creating a platform that would bring every parent's needs to meet the vast range of reliable entertainers, venues, and caterers seemed to be an evident answer to so many questions.

Kostia decided to build an end to end birthday party booking solution to do away with the usual hassle of planning your kid's special day party.

Isabel and Dragan joined Kostia later to make it work! We have built a team to work hard to become your ultimate go-to place to create your family event in just a few clicks: it's a marketplace where you can turn to for anything starting with ideas and get in touch with trusted entertainers, reliable providers, or hear from parents who' have used the services.

We’re an action oriented team working to bring you the easiest way to plan and book inspiring children’s birthday parties. We aim to empower and motivate children through joyful experience. We believe that those experiences should be easy for parents to find and plan.

Let’s face it, the entire birthday party process can get pretty tricky these days. Research, logistics, budget; there’s a lot to consider. We’re here to change the game. We made an app and we hope you love it as much as we do. Get ready to inspire your kid & take back your time.

How can we help you?

Marketplace with everything you need at your fingertips, from invites to loot bags.


We take care of the details and you get peace of mind.

We aim to inspire


Get inspired and throw a party as unique as your child.


Meet The Team

Electrical engineer turned full-stack developer, Kostia is originally from Ukraine. For a decade he has played essential technical roles in the conception and development of projects. When he’s not problem solving you can catch him on his motorcycle or at the arena for his daughters' skate practices.

Kostiantyn Aleksieiev


Executive with a comprehensive marketing and business management background, she has worked for large corporations for the past 15 years. Mother of two kids and expert in the children's space. Fashion, design and exploring new places are some of the things that pique her attention in the free time.

Isabel Garcia


Product Designer with over 15 years of experience creating products for start-ups, enterprises and governments. Dragan has a deep understanding of technology and human behaviour which helps him creates experiences and products that delight users. He loves to travel and spend lazy Sundays with his wife, baby Leo and cat Marley.

Dragan Nevjestic